2007: We came back together for a show in Lucerne and we will going on.

2006: We took a year off to focus on our other projects, we played a concert with Good Riddance (R.I.P.)

2005: Palais X-Tra, one of the biggest club for parties and concerts in zurich, also used one of our songs from our current album for their commercial TV Trailer. They are using  the Trailer for their monthly Freestyle.HC party for ten days a month on Star TV. We'll go abroad to play our first gigs in Germany and Austria. Vans supports us with very good conditions.

2004: We finally found a record label to release our CD "perceiving symptoms of a dying conscience". 808 Records, a sublabel of Leech Records released it in september. We also arranged a sponsoring Deal with SigSagSug, a skateboard shop and dealer for Switzerland. We also got a deal with PEK AG for special conditions for D'Addario strings. Zimtstern, a succesfully snowboard clothing firm placed our song "what's right for me" in their commercial TV trailer. It was broadcasted on MTV in Germany, Switzerland, Austria for two month.

2003: In July we all went to Como, Italy to record our first full length CD. Alessandro Azzali recorded, mixed and mastered it in 3 weeks and some days. Alex produced also bands like Cataract, Dark Day Dungeon and Ancient, he did a great job. For the first time we produced some bandshirts and sold them all in a very short time.

2002: In January Roger Meier finally left the band to concentrate on something new. Andy Höfler, Philipp's bandmate from earlier days, played some sessions with us. The day after three of us left switzerland to travel the world for some months. In Juin we started the band again with our new, constant drummer Andy. We also tried to reach a new level and wrote a lot of new songs. Two of them were recorded at BWS Tonstudio. One of them, "what's right for me", ended up being on the Swiss punk sampler "". After almost a year off the stage we played our first gig with Andy.

2001: We recorded five songs for our first EP "Face The Truth". The CD looked much better than the music on it, but it was a good start. At the end of the year we almost broke up. We all aspired after another music direction.

2000: Our Music gets more Hardcore/Metal influences than in the beginning. We also played our first show in Davos where we are always very welcome.

1999: We played our first gigs with bands like Snitch and My Stoopid Dream.

1998: After a few bandname changes and some different leadsingers Roger Meier, Frank Näf, Thomas Eberle, Roger Beer found the new band Out Of Condition. In Juin Philipp joined the band to become the new singer. We recorded two songs with David Langhard (Admiral James T.).