if you wanna book us or buy a cd ore one of the last shirts please write to
Our drummer Andy is still in Austria for education, but we're able to play a show or two suring the summer
check out our other bands:
Shadows Of Defeat:
Black The Color:


Friday 3.9. at box Davos, we'll looking forward to meet some old buddies!!

20:30 Linksvortritt
21:30 Old Hate
23:00 Buen Viaje
24.00 Out of Condition

10 years Box Davos

we're gonna play the 10 years Box Davos festival 3./4. september 2010


Monday July 21th, we'll play at Werk 21, Dynamo in Zurich with Death By Stereo and Antillectual


at the moment we're not playing many concerts, but still you can book us for your event


We're playing a show at sedel luzern in april (friday 27.)

Latest news (well)...

At the moment we're focusing on our other bands.
Frank, Thomas, Roger starteta new Band with Chris (Tiger. Tiger!) singing and Mauro (Ex-Backwash) playing drums
Andy plays drums in Fate Is Dying (Metal)
Philipp sings in Shadows Of Defeat www.myspace/shadowsofdefeat (Punkrock)

Good Riddance

We're looking forward to support Good Riddance at Abart in Zurich, 06.03.06, we hope to see you all there

New Pictures

We got some new pics from our gig at schüür Luzern last Friday


For the first time we'll gonna hit the road to "tour" South Germany and Austria. We'll play three or four gigs with Hukedicht in october.

latest news

We took a litle time off for holiday and to compose new Songs. Most of them are finished, so we can practice them and play 'em live in august or later.


We' ve got some new and old reviews on the page

At the moment...

we write some new songs and play a few gigs

The next gig...

...will be on monday, 22. 11. at Bogen 13 Zürich

New page

We got new fotos, and we upload more daily. You can download the MTV- Zimtstern clip in the media section

latest news

you can listen to 2 new mp3

latest news

In 19 days we'll release our new Album "perceiving symptoms of a dying conscience". Friday 24.September,
Doors open 19:30,
Show starts 20:15,
15.- incl. 1 Amboss Bier,
23:30 Aftershow Party with DJ UJO,Don Alfonzo (LUV,Tanzparty)

CD Release Party

New date,24. september!!same bands,same place.


are almost sold out.But in a few weeks we'll have some new stuff

CD Release Party

Well,we finally fixed the date and club for the cd release party. Friday,10.09.2004 at Mascotte in Zurich.
We'll celebrate with all of you and with our friends "The Lunchtime Depression"(zurich,melodicpunk) and "Brüders des Vollen" (Davos,Hardcorepunk).
So be there and have a beer with us!!

CD-Release Party...

...will be on 4. or 11.09.04 at Bogen13 in zurich,at least we hope so...


From now on, we're working with the guys from the skateboard shop SigSagSug in Winterthur. They support us with clothes,promotion,gigs....

Blood for Blood

Sunday, 11.07, we gonna support BLOOD FOR BLOOD in Zurich, the club is called D33. We looking forward to see many white thrash, outcasts and outsiders,fuck the society,cheers!


Finally we found a label, at least for switzerland: 808 Records. It is a new Sublabel of Leech Records. But we're still looking for a label to release aur CD in foreign countries.
In three weeks we will do the endmastering. We hope we can release the CD in Mai

Gig in Lausanne

This saturday we 'll play at lausanne, it will be the first time we can't talk in swiss german to the audience.
also on stage: Full Stop from Nyon-hc punk and Lost Sphere Project-genf-great hc

latest news

We gonna support Snitch at their Record Release Party. 27.03.04 Dynamo ZH/Werk 21

Gig in Zurich

We'll play with 69 Chambers at Besame Mucho Pfingstweidstrasse 6 (beside the club "les halles")

latest news

We'll play some concerts next month,so be sure you catch the tourbus

Merry Christmas...

and a happy new year! Cheers!! Out of Condition

Mad Santa Festival

Next saturday, 6.12. we'll play at the Mad Santa Festival in Olten with Dark Day Dungeon and many more.

latest news

We're still working on the design of our CD booklet,after that we'll looking for a good record label


Our next gig will be in Luzern,25.10. It's a snowboard movie release party from Eleven,the facts will follow soon


The next gig is on saturday,13.09.03 in The club "Stoffel" in Widnau SG,with this bands:Dry Condition,MFS,More Than Ever (Germany)


This saturday we hit our car to drive to Como. During this two/three weeks we can't deliver your orders. we'll see us at the open air in Davos,9.8.03

Latest news

Before we'll enter the studios in Como we gonna play a gig at the "longstreet Carneval" in zurich this saturday(5.07.2003,20:00) at the corner Brauerstrasse/Langstrasse beside the Beate Uhse shop,near Helvetia Platz.By the way,next week our shirts will arrive and will be available in all sizes and colors. Check out the tour guide for the "sick of silence" open air in Davos,we'll play SATURDAY (not friday) at 16:00


The shirts arrived last week,you can have a look at them but only in the german version(we're working on it...). By the way some sizes are already sold out,but we'll order some more this week

latest news

The concert in Dynamo ZH is not an official gig, if you wanna see us play drop us a line to receive an invitation. By the way, we'll sell T-Shirts for men and women soon.


Once again we'd like to thank the Starkstrom crew, Wounds Left Deeper and Driven By Hate.That show was huge,a really special evening.


This Friday we're supporting Wounds Left Deeper and Driven By Hate in Wärchhof Luzern,watch the map to get there


We'll play in St.Gallen and Luzern, follow our Tourbus to see the dates.

latest news

We've got already eight songs for our upcoming album: fight back, what's right for me, scream for better times, desperation song, memories remain, lost world, all on my own, you have lost. This means we write four more and than we'll practice them 'till we puke them out.

Gig in Davos

This saturday we'll play in the club "box" in Davos

New MP3 Song

you can download our second song we recorded past summer.The new one's called "fight back"!


yes we did it(maass did it),now you can read our rubbish in english too.